1. Provide Medical-focused services that increase caring and enhance medical system.
  2. Provide a "user-friendly" clinical, research and educational medical service, that is responsive to the needs of thecommunity.
  3. Assist each of these in every way possible, by identifying and supporting performance-enhancing, time- and cost-saving ,and business-process-optimizing technologies for the patient and Medical Centers .


  • Provide a reliable, efficient, friendly and easily-accessible organization for medical service and biomedical engineering support and guidance

Objective 1

  • Help Medical Center faculty, staff and students maximize the value of medical service. (Technology changes at a rapid pace and needs are constantly shifting. While balancing the costs associated with reliability, efficiency and availability of technology, it is our goal to also provide the most medical solutions available.)
  • The Plan

    1. Understand and serve the Medical Center's needs. Monitor feedback for performance improvement.
    2. Deploy and support the most efficient, cost effective and reliable products to meet the Medical Center's needs.

Objective 2

  • Deliver leading-edge medical technology and biomedical engineering products, services, support,training and education. (With a diverse range of medical requirements , the Medical Center community needs scientific support to last data and applications , Education and training is critical for safe and appropriate use with patient)
  • The Plan

    1. Focus on enhancing productivity through training and education. Meet service level expectations and lower overall cost of medical service.
    2. Develop a collaborative and responsive environment to engage the community.